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Boon Edam Inc.

Year Established: 1873


Boon Edam Inc.
402 McKinney Parkway
Lillington, NC 27546
United States
Phone: +1 910-914-3800
Fax: +1 910-814-3899

Other Location(s)

Technology & Training Center - CA
2161 O'Toole Ave #50
San Jose, CA 95131
United States
Phone: 805-428-9566
Technology & Training Center - NYC
1140 Broadway
Suite 506
New York City, NY 10001
United States
Phone: 646-851-5011

Support Resources

Security Specifier Support Resource Design Support
Chris Grabowski - Director of Sales Support
Phone: 910-814-3800

Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Services
Sam Nussman - Director of Technical Services
Phone: 910-814-3800
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Company Overview

Boon Edam is a global manufacturer of entrance solutions, including safe and energy efficient revolving doors, high security doors & portals; tripod, full height & optical turnstiles; and access gates. Our 140 years of success can be attributed to quality design & providing unsurpassed service, support and training to our customers & resellers.

We are focused on providing an optimal, sustainable experience for our clients and their clients. By working together with you, our client, we help determine the exact requirements for the entry point in and around your building.

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Boon Edam's Blog

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Explore our blog for the latest content related to topics you care about in the security industry: active shooter and workplace violence, measuring results and ROI, access control integration, regulatory compliance and local codes, selecting the best entrance solution for your security goals, and much more. Start reading now!
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Portfolio Page

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Are you looking for inspiration for your entry? Take a look at our projects. These are some of the most amazing projects that we have been part of. Although only a small selection, they are a great inspiration and will give you an idea of how we can help you create a beautiful and welcoming entry.
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Resources Page

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This page is your quick reference for compelling content related to entrance technology. Here you'll find a selection of whitepapers, case studies, executive summaries, product checklists and more. Each month new pieces of content will be added.
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Tailgating Mitigation with Turnstile Entry Systems

Tailgating Mitigation with Turnstile Entry Systems  Logo

Organizations in every industry around the globe are deploying turnstiles to mitigate tailgating. Security professionals are seeing the benefits of using different turnstile models in multiple areas of their buildings as part of an effective overall physical security plan. Let's explore just four benefits of rolling out security turnstiles.
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Active Shooter Preparedness as Part of Your Physical Security Plan

Active Shooter Preparedness as Part of Your Physical Security Plan  Logo

The words "active shooter" instantly signify chaos, tragedy and pain. No organization wants to hear those two words in conjunction with their name, yet more and more active shooter incidents are happening around the globe every day. The impacts of an incident range from death and property damage, to a tainted reputation and loss of trust and comfort among employees in the workplace. Business continuity is shaken to the core.

What measures are you taking to mitigate an active shooter incident at your facility? Active shooter preparedness should be an essential part of your physical security plan.
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How Entrance Security is Vital to Your Workplace Violence Policy

How Entrance Security is Vital to Your Workplace Violence Policy  Logo

We live in a time where the safety and security of an organization's employees is a top priority. Yet, businesses are finding that, despite their best efforts, workplace violence mitigation is no easy feat. In fact, a group of security professionals interviewed by Security 500 named "workplace violence" and "active shooter" incidents as the number one threats facing an enterprise today. Why? The impact of an incident can lead to a loss of productivity, morale, reduced profits or service levels, and negative PR. So, how can you combat this huge risk to your organization?
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The Entry's Key Role in Physical Security Risk Mitigation Strategies

The Entry's Key Role in Physical Security Risk Mitigation Strategies  Logo

All businesses face many risks on several fronts, every day. Risks to a business, to its employees, to its physical assets and to general workplace productivity increase significantly when an unauthorized person has gained access into a controlled area. Many businesses have recently chosen to take a preventative stance on these risks, recognizing that the investment to protect their business from incurring these risks is better than trying to perform damage control after a problem has occurred.
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Making Physical Security Part of Cybersecurity Best Practices

Making Physical Security Part of Cybersecurity Best Practices  Logo

The world is becoming more integrated and more technologically advanced every year, and as a result, many daily business operations are faster, better integrated, and more convenient for the workforce. However, being connected brings its own risks. A growing concern is the security of business networks—who you allow onto your system, when, and what data they can access. As cybersecurity becomes more sophisticated, so too do the tools that hackers use to access networks, and to steal or corrupt your data. Getting ahead of the game by putting in place cybersecurity best practices at your business can help to ensure your data and networks are protected.
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