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Today's Featured Consultant - 3/30/2020


Shawn Whalen

Registered Electrical Engineer specializing in the design and specification of security and communications systems.

Phone: +1 952 656-3628
Twitter: @smwhalen_BMcD
Certifications: P.E., PSP, RCDD

Training and Education Events through 5/24/2020


Fiber Optics for Low-Voltage Professionals (11 AM EDT)

3/27/2020 - 3/27/2020    Webinar

Product of the Day - 3/30/2020

Trove3 series - For your largest access control systems Logo

Trove3 series - For your largest access control systems

Our Trove access and power integration solution lets you easily combine Altronix power/accessories with the leading access brands. Enclosures/Backplanes offer a wide range of scalable access and power configurations. This solution simplifies board layout and wire management, while reducing installation and labor costs. Customize your access control with Trove from Altronix. Try our Trove system design tool and design your access system now:
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The security consultant is a vital link between a building or facility’s requirement for security and the successful installation of a system to meet that requirement. From risk assessment to security audit to system design to the details of implementation and practice, it is the security consultant who identifies, then turns requirement into reality. SecuritySpecifiers allows a variety of constituencies – OEM's, integrators, facility owners and operators, end-users, and architectural firms – to access an up-to-date listing of companies and individuals skilled in the design and specification of physical security systems.

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