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Notice on CONSULT 2020

Notice on CONSULT 2020 Image
Each year SecuritySpecifiers hosts the highly anticipated CONSULT Technical Security Symposium. While this event adds immeasurable value to the industry, it is with deep regret that, due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we have decided to cancel this year’s event. We cannot foresee the health environment in late October, and it is unfair to ask our attendees to commit to being in an environment of uncertain risk. CONSULT 2020 was to be held October 24-27 in Nashville.
We look forward to a sensational CONSULT 2021 to be held October 23-26 at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk in San Antonio!


The Prognosis for Large Security Projects

The Prognosis for Large Security Projects Image
Construction, architect billings, and security design work have all taken a hit during this pandemic crisis. Architectural and security design billings are leading indicators of security project work to come, or at least those projects which result from such design services. On May 20th, SecuritySpecifiers and SIA assembled a panel of noted security design consultants to participate in this important webinar and comment on their current design activity, outlook for the future, and suggestions for the industry. If you missed it, or just want to see it again, the recording is now available for your viewing pleasure.

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Elliot A. Boxerbaum Design Award

Elliot A. Boxerbaum Design Award  Image
Nominations for the 2020 Elliot A. Boxerbaum Award for Security Design Project of the Year are now open. The award will recognize projects that went live in 2019 or Q1 2020. The Elliot A. Boxerbaum Memorial Award will be presented to a consulting or engineering company which designed and specified a qualified and completed security design project. It will recognize collaboration, design excellence, uniqueness, creativity, and administration factors which contributed to a highly successful security project.
The presentation will occur at the next CONSULT Technical Security Symposium

All valid applicants will have registration fees waived for the next CONSULT. Award project finalists and designers will be featured on Security InfoWatch and in Security Technology Executive and Security Business magazines.

We congratulate Vantage Technology Consulting Group and Michael Niola for their winning submission for the 2019 Elliot A. Boxerbaum Award on Bluebeam headquarters in Pasadena, CA.

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Training and Education Events through 9/10/2020

Today's Featured Consultant - 7/16/2020


Demerle Lewis

Sentinel Consulting LLC

Demerle has over 10 years of security and facilities related experience. Demerle is a self-starter who places a high importance on customer service and pays close attention to detail. As a security manager for a government agency, Demerle was responsible for Security Operations and Electronic Security Systems deployment and management. Demerle has experience in the development of security policies and procedures, safety programs, and security awareness training. In January of 2014, Demerle was named one of our industry’s Security Professional '20 under 40' award given by Security Director News. Demerle's experience includes fire and life safety management as well as completion of professional courses including fire safety director training.

Phone: +1 888 793-9380

Product of the Day - 7/16/2020

XProtect Corporate Logo

XProtect Corporate
Milestone Systems

Designed for large scale high security installations, XProtect Corporate ensures end-to-end protection of video integrity while maximizing hardware performance. Central management, built-in video wall and support for failover recording servers make it ideal for mission-critical installations such as airports and cities. XProtect Corporate provides the ultimate peace of mind for high-risk security installations. Edge Storage combined with failover Recording Servers and a redundant Management Server ensure video recordings are never interrupted and access to the system is always maintained.
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Welcome to SecuritySpecifiers!

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The security consultant is a vital link between a building or facility’s requirement for security and the successful installation of a system to meet that requirement. From risk assessment to security audit to system design to the details of implementation and practice, it is the security consultant who identifies, then turns requirement into reality. SecuritySpecifiers allows a variety of constituencies – OEM's, integrators, facility owners and operators, end-users, and architectural firms – to access an up-to-date listing of companies and individuals skilled in the design and specification of physical security systems.

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